Promotional video for the UK’s leading independent girl’s school.

Our challenge was to come up with a captivating 2 minute piece that encompassed hundreds of years of achievements, innumerable activities, opportunities and personalities to best summarise this historic institution. So, this was the result – the script can be found below.

Produced by ARvisual
Directed by Anthony Rubinstein

It’s so inspiring, first arriving; filled with aspirations,
A new world of determined girls exceeding expectations.
A huge adventure, new best friends, a sense we all belong,
With every turn there’s more to learn, supported; standing strong.

We work together as a team; at Wycombe, we come first.
We’re on the ball, we have it all, we’re daring, we’re diverse,
We raise our game and stay engaged by everything around us
We fill each day with work and play; the range of things is boundless:
From all the sports – lacrosse of course, or hockey, netball, swimming,
Athletics, tennis, countless more, you’ll often catch us winning –

To music groups and dancing troupes, or staging plays together;
We lead debates, believe, create, progress with each endeavour.
Activities, societies, for every personality,
We start with our ambitions and we make them our reality.

So as we face the future now, whatever it may hold,
Our outlook will be passionate, empowered, kind and bold.
Our time at Wycombe Abbey will stay with us all the way;
Our past has made us who we are; our future starts today.

Written by Catherine Willoughby

Director: Anthony Rubinstein
Crew: Natalja Safanarova, Patrick Brooks, James Davidson, Tom Forsey
Editor: Anthony Rubinstein
Colour: Dan Garden
Sound: Rob Ashton