BBC Storyworks: Visit Slovenia

Director / Editor: Anthony Rubinstein
Produced by ARvisual

We were commissioned to produce four mini films for the Slovenian tourist board, in partnership with BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions. The films were at the core of a campaign consisting of various articles and supporting imagery, they can be seen all together on this site.

The four films were each focussed on a different aspect of Slovenia’s culture and landscape; from a tranquil forest hideaway, to a pumpkin seed oil mill and plenty in between!

Theodosius Forest Village

Set in the beautiful Vipava Valley in the South West corner of the country – Theodosius Forest Village is charming little cluster of sustainable cabins that we had the pleasure of visiting. The surrounding area is rich in history and a famous wine producing region too.

Kocbek Pumpkin Seed Oil Factory

Pumpkin seed oil is one of Sloveina’s finest delicacies, we visited a family run mill in the far east of the country that supplies oil to the world’s top chefs, and found out their secrets from the inside.

Lendava Vinarium

The Lendava Vinarium is a unique structure perched on the top of a sleepy hillside, commanding unparalleled views stretching into four different countries. We made use of the tilt-shift technique here to really showcase the fairytale feel of the area.

Ljubljana Moustache Tour

At the turn of the 20th century lived 3 influential Slovenians, with 3 exceptional moustaches. The Ljubljana tourist board offers this tour around the charming capital – with a facial furniture theme throughout.